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Short Stories

In ten stories that read like parables, Meera Nair depicts contemporary Indian life with fierce precision and an irresistible blend of humor, wit, and pathos, firmly establishing herself as a striking new voice in Indian fiction. An American porn flick wreaks havoc on the life of an Indian man, much to the dismay of his wife. A young man’s uncanny gift for sculpting statues out of sand makes the women of his village swoon—until the men plot to put a stop to it. A small town of “utter inconsequence” prepares excitedly for a visit from President Clinton. This stunning debut collection offers brilliant snapshots of life’s small reversals and a broad-stroke portrait of our times.



Published as part of the hOle series from Duckbill Books

Maya Saves the Day (2014) has three different stories, featuring Maya and her adventures.

Maya in a Mess:(2016) The further adventures of Maya revolves around the biggest bluest bottle of glue in the world and a lost key. 


Delhi Noir

Read Meera Nair's "Small Fry"  in Delhi Noir


Delhi Noir’s fourteen original stories are written by the best Indian writers alive today—the ones you haven’t yet heard of but should have. They are veteran authors who have appeared on the Booker Prize short list and budding geniuses who your grandchildren will read about in English class. This is India uncut, the one you’re missing out on because mainstream publishing houses and glossy magazines can’t stomach it. Offers bone-chilling, mesmerizing takes on the country’s chaotic capital, a city where opulence and poverty are constantly clashing, where old-world values and the information age wage a constant battle.


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